Axus Technology Expands Foundry and Applications Lab

New CMP Tooling Adds to Existing Polishing and Grinding Services

Chandler, AZ – April 16, 2009 – Axus Technology, a global leader in leading-edge CMP and wafer thinning solutions, has expanded its existing CMP, substrate polishing, and wafer grinding services by adding an Applied Materials Mirra CMP tool to the foundry and applications services offered at its Chandler, AZ facility. The Mirra CMP tool is a production-oriented CMP tool that will allow users to run their development and production processes on this widely-used platform.  

Axus Technology offers a full range of wafer thinning, grinding, and polishing services for use in semiconductor and related applications. Adding the Mirra tool provides an exact tool match for many production customers, as well as improving facility productivity.

"The addition of the Mirra provides increased throughput for our production customers," stated Dan Trojan, VP of Engineering at Axus. "Our consumables development partners also prefer to use the Mirra for their work, since it has become the predominant production CMP tool used in fabs today.  This also complements the combined production thinning and polishing services that many of our customers are using for advanced substrate and 3-D packaging applications."

"The combination of our CMP and grinding expertise together with our wafer bonding and equipment engineering capability, allows us to apply proven technologies to both current and novel applications," stated Barrie Van Devender, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "The high productivity of the Mirra tool and our competitive cost structure deliver exceptional value to a broad range of users. We are currently working with a number of U.S. and overseas customers, providing them with the development resources and production services that they require.”