Axus Technology Announces 300mm CMP Development & Foundry Services Agreement with Fraunhofer

Chandler, AZ – March 21, 2012– Axus Technology, an Arizona-based supplier of CMP and wafer thinning equipment and process services, has announced an agreement with the Fraunhofer IZM and Fraunhofer CNT technology centers, located in Dresden, Germany, that will provide advanced 300mm process development and foundry services for North American customers.

This exclusive arrangement is currently focused on process and metrology services for CMP, substrate thinning, and related process technologies for 300mm wafers, with additional processes being offered in the future. 

"As part of the agreement, Axus Technology will provide local process support to North American customers, defining the foundry or development work to be provided, and work directly with Fraunhofer engineering teams to complete the processing.

The Fraunhofer facilities offer state-of-the-art process capability along with high-level engineering expertise. Utilizing the Fraunhofer IZM and Fraunhofer CNT capabilities will now allow 300mm customers in North America to take advantage of the advanced equipment, technology, and level of expertise resident at these sites. 

Process services range from the routine processing of small batches of 300mm wafers, detailed design and development services, through foundry processing of production lots of material. CMP process work will be accomplished in both facilities using Applied Materials Reflexion LK 300mm CMP tools, as well as the extensive metrology capabilities, ranging from defectivity analysis and film thickness measurements, through detailed analytical techniques, including various microscopy, spectroscopy and X-ray analysis tools. 

The Axus Technology development and foundry facility delivers process services for a range of substrates and film technologies for diameters of 200mm down to die-size samples. This arrangement extends process capability into the 300mm scale and capitalizes on the Fraunhofer team's expertise in advanced manufacturing processes, especially as related to improved formfactor and 3D integration technologies. 

"This agreement is the result of our growing work together in CMP and wafer thinning technologies," stated Barrie VanDevender, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Axus Technology. "The technology experts within Fraunhofer CNT and Fraunhofer IZM deliver industry-leading expertise to the various projects they manage. Coupled with the experience and insight of the Axus Technology engineering team, this is a very promising opportunity for us to work together for the benefit of our customers."