Axus Technology and CMP Solutions Announce Partnership

Chandler, AZ - April 27, 2010 – Axus Technology and CMP Solutions have announced a partnership agreement that expands the CMP and wafer thinning process and consulting services for both companies. The new agreement links the high-level process development expertise of CMP Solutions with the established CMP foundry and wafer processing capability of Axus Technology. 

According to Dr. John Givens, President of CMP Solutions, "In the months leading up to this announcement, Axus Technology has consistently delivered the responsive process capability and engineering support that our customers need. This agreement consolidates much of our process capability and equipment in a single facility, and will capitalize on the expertise and high quality support that Axus has built into their operation. This arrangement will also make it more efficient for CMP Solutions to deliver the range of services required for our clients' particular development projects."

"This partnership allows us to leverage the experience and capabilities of CMP Solutions as well as elevating the capability of Axus' process operations," added Dan Trojan, Vice President of Engineering at Axus. "Dr. Givens has established CMP Solutions as a premier development services provider for end-users and consumables suppliers. Our own engineering-driven foundry operations are a direct match with the requirements of CMP Solutions' clients." 

Axus Technology will continue to provide direct foundry and development services to end-users and consumables suppliers. CMP Solutions adds the additional in-depth process expertise, analytical capability and materials engineering services that are often required for users engaged in their own product development efforts. The Axus Technology process foundry and development facility is equipped with a full range of process and metrology tools.