Axus Technology Acquires Moog Legacy Product Line Responsibility

Chandler, AZ -- November 19, 2013 – Axus Technology, a global supplier of CMP and wafer thinning equipment and support services, is pleased to announce that they have acquired several Control System product lines from the Moog Industrial Group. The products include several automation platforms and related products, including amplifiers and touchscreen control systems. Axus will assume the support, repair service responsibilities, and manufacture of these products, utilizing the same key technical support team that had previously performed these roles at Moog. This support team will remain in the Richmond, CA facility acquired by Axus as part of the purchase. This will ensure continuity in terms of the quality of support and technical capability. 

The principal product lines included in this acquisition are; the Moog (formerly Berkeley Process Control) S32 and S64 product lines, as well as the TS-5112 touchscreen controller. Associated with these products are a range of high power amplifier products, motors, and a number of peripheral products. These Moog products are used in a range of manufacturing tools, including tools used in semiconductor manufacture and other applications requiring complex process and motion control.  

Axus Technology has had a long-standing distribution relationship with Moog, providing direct support to the users of these products for over ten years," commented Barrie Van Devender, Axus Technology Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our acquisition of these legacy product lines ensures the long-term service and support for the users of these products and the manufacturing tools that they are used in.