Axus Technology GP450U CMP Tool

The Axus Technology GP450U CMP tools is based on the proven platform pioneered by G&P Technology.  Built by Axus Technology in Chandler, AZ, the GP450U is designed to provide flexible CMP process capability for applications where ease of use, reliability, and a compact design are essential. Capable of working with substrates with diameters up to 150mm diameter, the GP450U offers configuration choices in carrier type, conditioner technology, pad profiling, and process measurement and monitoring systems. The GP450U utilizes an intuitive touch-screen user interface and a robust PLC control system that includes the multiple process steps and detailed process controls that users expect. Reliability and flexibility is further enhanced by relying on manual single substrate loading. The Axus Technology GP450U delivers high value performance and research capability in a package that is compact and economical. 

Standard Features Include: GP450U

  • Carrier Size, 150mm
  • Optional Sizes, 4”, 3”, and coupons with templates
  • Platen Speed, 30 – 200rpm
  • Carrier Speed, 20 – 300rpm
  • Slurry Pumps, 2


  • In Situ Pad Conditioner
  • Platen temperature control
  • End Point Detection, motor current
  • Low pressure polish control
  • High pressure spray rinse