Applied Materials Mirra, Mirra Trak & Mirra Mesa CMP System

The Applied Materials Mirra CMP tool is a production-oriented CMP tool that will allow users to run their development and production processes on this widely-used platform and provides increased throughput for production customers.

The Applied Materials Mirra CMP system delivers industry-leading 200mm CMP solutions for =130nm devices. Production-proven for oxide, shallow trench isolation (STI), polysilicon, tungsten, and copper planarization applications, the Applied Mirra system delivers both excellent process performance and the smallest footprint for the highest output per square foot.


The system’s 4-head / 3-platen architecture coupled with in-situ endpoint detection capability provides process flexibility and reliability.

The Mirra, integrated into a dry-in/dry-out configuration, using either the OnTrak Integra or the Applied Materials Mesa cleaner provides double-sided brush scrubbing to control corrosion and remove particles and slurry residue from both sides of the wafer.