812L Post-CMP Linear Cleaner

The G & P Technology 812L cleaner can be used as a stand-alone post-CMP cleaning tool or as a perfect companion to the G & P Technology POLI-762 CMP tool. The G & P Technology 812L cleaner can be configured to use the same cleaning consumables set typically used on common CMP planarization tools. This provides a method for process testing using cleaning recipes similar to those used on full-scale integrated production tools. Integration with the POLI-762 provides for automated post-CMP transfer directly into the 812L cleaner's input station.

Standard Features Include: 812L

  • Wafer Size Capability, 200mm & 300mm
  • Double side scrub stations: 2
  • Brush rotation speed: 30 – 200rpm
  • Chemical inputs: 2
  • Through the brush chemical dispense
  • Spray nozzles for chemical dispense: 4
  • Rinse and Spin dry station with N2 assist
  • Intuitive touch screen control


  • Megasonic at rinse station 
  • Friction and force measurement system